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Self Defense Aikido


Aikido is a modern martial art with very deep traditional roots. The fundamentals used in Aikido are very effective when used for Self Defense.

The locks, and throws  of Traditional Aikido can be used to disable or deter an attacker. The main difference is intent. Techniques can be used to protect the Uke on the mat, or shut down an attacker on the street.

Instruction / Focus

Self Defense Aikido instruction parallels the traditional approach with a few key differences. The emphasis for a session is on the context for the technique being taught, the environment, threat, and self defense fundamentals that apply to the situation.

The goal is to simplify and boil down the full range of Aikido techniques into a realistic response that will work against an untrained aggressor.

The method used in Self Defense Aikido follows the OODA loop taught in the military and to law enforcement staff.  Observe, Orient, Decide, Act


Self Defense Aikido instruction is intended to teach effective techniques, instincts, and reactions that apply in a high stress environment.

Actions and effectiveness are primary, not alignment to a theoretical standard.

Attacks are based on real life situations as are the reactions. A big emphasis is placed on situational awareness and threat avoidance. Empty hand techniques are taught as resources of last resort.

Self Defense practice leads to an appreciation of the fundamentals underpinning all Aikido techniques.

Like traditional Aikido, Self Defense Aikido also teaches discipline, self control, anger management, flexibility and most importantly - confidence.

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