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Aikido is a dynamic, effective martial art. It relies on technique, control and movement to eliminate threats.

Some Basics:

Until you have your own Gi (Judo or Aikido Gi recommended) wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Warm up and stretch before class.

If you have questions, ask.

If you have any injuries or issues with joints let the instructor know.

It is important to pay attention and learn the fundamentals. Work on the basic movements and the building blocks.

No jewelry is allowed on the mat. Please remove earrings, piercings, bracelets, etc.

There is no need to learn Japanese, you will pick it up over time.

Respect is a big part of Aikido. Your partner is there to help you get better, not compete with you.

Only practice what is taught. Do not 'free style' techniques.

You must practice on your own to get better. The instructor will give you exercises that you can work on to improve.

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